Gateway Home Inspection services and Price List

Home inspections for buyers or sellers.

  • 1 year warranty inspections on new homes
  • Multi-unit inspections
  • Pre-Sale Home Inspections
  • Thermal Imaging energy audit
  • Inspections scheduled anytime

Single Family Homes up to 3000 sq. ft.: $450.00

HOA covered Townhomes and Condominiums up to 2000 sq. ft.:$335.00

RADON Testing: $150.00

Thermal Imaging Home Inspection:

Light at frequencies below visible red is called infrared. The human eye cannot see infrared frequencies but thermal imaging cameras can. All objects emit infrared energy at ordinary temperatures. The hotter the object, the more infrared energy it emits. The human eye is capable of seeing a small range of frequencies in the Electromagnetic Spectrum that we call visible light. Objects emit visible light only at very high temperatures.

Building Diagnostics The primary diagnostic procedure for determining the thermal performance of a building envelope is infrared thermography. It can be used to identify heating and cooling loss due to poor construction, missing or inadequate insulation and moisture intrusion. Correcting the defects plays a significant role in increasing building efficiency and structural integrity.

Thermography can identify surface temperature variations of the building envelope, which relates to problems in the structure, thermal bridging, moisture content and air leakage.

Two primary mechanisms for heat loss in buildings are conduction through the walls and air leakage. Both can be identified from the surface of the building with infrared thermography. Early correction of the faults identified can be made before extensive damage occurs.

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